5 Great Spring Locations for Travel Nursing

There’s no time like springtime to travel – the weather’s warming up and the flowers are blooming and sun is shining brighter. So, what kind of location do you want for your upcoming fling with Spring? Visit the destination of your dreams with Republic! Here are five of our top spring locations for Travel Nursing jobs to get you excited for your next assignment.











Pack your hiking boots and explore what all the Grand Canyon state has to offer. Arizona is the perfect state to choose for travel nursing because of its status of a popular retirement state as well as the endless amount of activities to choose from on your days off. Arizona constantly presents great job opportunities for Travelers where they can build their skills and resume as the state is home to nearly 100 hospitals, six of which are nationally ranked in various adult and children’s specialties. It’s unique, desert climate makes spring peak season for hiking and exploring the states breathtaking landscapes. Whether you enjoy rafting, hiking, shopping, dining, golf or simply relaxing at the spa, Arizona has it all.













You can celebrate spring in floral style by choosing Washington as your spring location! The Evergreen State consistently provides great job opportunities for Travelers. Numerous hiking and biking trails, beautiful wineries and the Rocky Mountains all inhabit the Evergreen State making it perfect for adventurous Traveling nurses looking for something different. Washington offers everything from urban excitement to quaint communities to serene scenery, pair that with an abundance of job opportunities and it’s no wonder Washington is favorite for so many Travel Nurses!










Florida isn’t called the “Sunshine State” for nothing! Its enjoyable year-round weather and cheerful attitude make the state a haven for both visitors and new residents year-round. The Sunshine State is the perfect spring option for Travelers because of the seasonal need for more healthcare staff and an amazing assortment of things to do and experience on your days off. With hundreds of hospitals within the state and a high level of tourism and residency, there is always need for qualified nurses. In Florida you can have your hospital, the beach, and Disney World all in one place.












They say everything’s bigger and better in Texas — and many Travel Nurses know this to be true! From Travel Nursing job opportunities to activities for your days off, Texas is a pretty great place to be. From the expansive plains to the immaculate beaches at the coast and the big city feel in between, travel nursing in The Lone Star State will offer a surprise around every corner. Don’t forget The Alamo — not to mention wonderfully weird Austin, the San Antonio boardwalk, Houston Space Center, Padre Island, and urban spots like Houston and Dallas.











Travel nurses in California are in high demand — after all, the Golden State isn’t just the nation’s most populous; it’s also the top employer of nursing professionals. California is home to some of the nation’s best beaches, cities, and national parks providing an endless amount of opportunities to do, see and try new things on your days off. The Golden State offers everything from beaches to skiing, as well as some of the country’s most cosmopolitan urban centers and some it’s most unspoiled nature. With a travel nurse job in California, you’ll never run out of fun things to do or amazing places to see.


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