Important Notice Regarding Hurricane Idalia:

Due to the impact of Hurricane Idalia, some of our recruiters within the affected area may not be available. For any immediate needs or assistance, please connect with their designated coverage recruiter.

For additional company-wide emergency contact information, please refer to the details provided below. We urge all team members to stay updated and utilize these contacts if necessary.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time. Our thoughts are with our team members and everyone impacted by the hurricane. Please stay safe.

  • Andrew Temple Coverage  —> Kevin Cano (817) 409-8336
  • Joelle Scharf Coverage –>  Kelly Milam (214) 949-8632
  • DonMarc Allen Coverage –> Kimberly Frederick (214) 833-5763
  • Ashley Harper Coverage –> Henock Newaye (817) 631-0377 or Jennifer Davis (817) 242-6463
  • Nicole Holoday Coverage –> Tiffany West (817) 678-8872
  • Shannon Gardner Coverage –> Mekeyas Newaye (817) 591-2872
  • Spencer Clark Coverage –> Ashley Smith (857) 202-3257

Cristina Andrews: (817) 409-7528

Clint Clark: (214) 250-2310

Compliance: (857) 202-3222

Payroll: (817) 720-0961

HR: (214) 614-2358

IT Support: (954) 546-8199

We ask that all travelers reach out to their floor manager to receive facility/unit specific instructions with regards to their Hurricane Protocol and how that affects your schedule.

Please relay any information to your recruiter and we will also relay any information we receive from the facility as well.