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Featured Republic Traveler – July 2018

by Scott Martindale

Sherry Huff

Congratulations to Sherry Huff, an OR Travel Nurse with Republic Health Resources and our Featured Traveler of the Month for July 2018.

Sherry just completed the BSN program and graduated from Western Governors University at Salt Lake City in May 2017. We are very excited for her distinguished status and dedication to advancing her education while traveling as full time nurse.

She is currently on assignment in Phoenix, Arizona. 

We asked Sherry to share her experience and adventures as a Travel Nurse…

How long have you been traveling?

Since April 2017

What has been your favorite city/town to work in?

Phoenix, Arizona

What do you love most about being a Travel Nurse?

I love the adventures! I like looking out of my window and seeing new scenery every 13 weeks. I also get to learn how to improve my skills by working at different facilities and observing other nurses. 

Describe your most memorable Travel Nursing Experience.

My current assignment has been my most memorable assignment. I pulled my camper across the West States to arrive in the middle of the canyons and mountains, I was able to hike those exact canyons and mountains! During my last kayaking trip I came across wild horses! Next, I plan to see the Grand Canyon and then Las Vegas. Most people enjoy things like this on vacation, but this is part of my job…I love it!

What advice do you have for a first-time traveler?

Be humble and allow others to teach you things you think you already know. Your knowledge and joy will overflow as you make new friends.


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