Featured Republic Traveler – May 2018

Congratulations to Jennifer Miller, an ER Travel Nurse with Republic Health Resources and our Featured Traveler of the Month for May 2018. She is currently on assignment in Amarillo, Texas.

We asked Jennifer to share her experience and adventures as a Travel Nurse…

How long have you been traveling?

Since September 2017

What has been your favorite city/town to work in?

Charlottesville, VA

What do you love most about being a Travel Nurse?

I love being a travel nurse because it gives me great opportunities to learn new systems, improve my care and it fulfills my sense of adventure! I’ve met incredible people wherever I’ve gone-and I’m able to work on my financial freedom as well!

Describe your most memorable Travel Nursing Experience.

My most memorable travel experience happened in Charlottesville, where I met a breeder of rare Akhal-Teke horses. I was invited several times to go riding, something I’d always wanted to do since learning about this breed many years ago!

What advice do you have for a first-time traveler?

The advice I would give new travelers is to be flexible, take initiative, be a strong team player, smile often, and trust your gut! Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions; every place does things a little differently and asking questions prevents hiccups later! Lastly, keep fueling the things you’re passionate about outside of nursing!



To learn more about traveling with Republic Health Resources, please connect with us today!


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