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Jenny from San Francisco

by Admin

Jenny has been an ER nurse for 5 years and was born with adrenalin in her veins. So, when the opportunity came to travel to the most amazing rock climbing sites in the US, she jumped. Since joining the Republic team in 2016, Jenny has traveled through CA, CO and now making her way through NM. With no plans to stop anytime soon, life is pretty amazing and the view ge

Sarah from Washington

by Admin

Sarah has always been a coastal girl, loving any and all chances to be near the water. It was only fitting that her first assignment was in Portland, where the beauty of abundant and there are plenty of chances for adventure. Oh, and it just so happens that her new grandson won’t be far away! She may not venture out too far, but there are plenty of untapped treasu

Kat from Indianapolis

by Admin

Kat, and her boyfriend Mark, are both nurses. Kat in Case Management and Mark in ICU. Between them they have two, well three, loves. Each other, nursing and hiking. So, when presented a chance to do a 6 month contract in the mountains of CO, they jumped at the chance. Currently, they share the same schedule at the hospital and, on their off days, they pick a new tr

Gina from Wyoming

by Admin

Gina wasn’t always the free spirit daredevil pictured above. She grew up in central Oklahoma, thousands of miles away from snowboards and ski slopes. However, after many years nursing, it was time to take the plunge. Now, she loves the winter outdoors, spending her off days on the slopes. Next stop for Gina, Northern CA!

Sam from Atlanta

by Admin

Sam’s home is Atlanta, Sam’s family and friends are in Atlanta, basically everything Sam’s ever known is in Atlanta. However, he also had a dream of learning to surf and being able to enjoy the wonderful CA weather. So, after 13 years working ICU in a Level I trauma center, he decided it was time to make dreams, reality. So far, he’s done 3 assignments in So

Alysha from Denver

by Admin

Alysha is a born Gypsy. Growing up in CO, she loved the outdoors, playing the snow at home or skiing at Aspen, or hiking through the many forest trails. However, there was something she craved more, international travel. Basically, she wanted to work really hard then stop to travel. Travel nursing provided both. Alysha now spends her winters working ICU night shift


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