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Republic Travel Nurse – April 2020

by Scott Martindale

Ashleigh O'hara

Congratulations to Republic Travel Nurse, Ashleigh O’Hara!


Ashleigh is a Hospice Registered Nurse and our Featured Travel Nurse for April 2020. Ashleigh is currently on assignment in Burlington, VT.

We asked Ashleigh to share her experience and adventures as a Travel Nurse…



How long have you been traveling?

I have been traveling for 1 year!


What has been your favorite city to work in?

Burlington, VT


Why did you choose to become a Travel Nurse?

It was what some might perceive as happenstance but I needed a Hospice job with better work-life balance. So, I had been in contact with a recruiter for 2 years but wasn’t ready until I was full force!!! I was planning on hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro and I needed more income to cover expenses and flexibility with time off. Travel Nursing allowed me to pursue a passion of mine. A team of 11 women from all over the U.S.A. climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for a school lunch program in Rwanda. Which is now providing much needed Food and Care during the pandemic. We submitted February 6th, 2020. Travel Nursing is why I was able to train and go!


What do you love most about being a Travel Nurse?

Traveling the country, meeting new people, exploring new places, and having so much flexibility especially when it comes to taking time off!


Describe your most memorable Travel Nursing Experience.

I would say I’m in the thick of my most memorable Travel Nursing experience right now. Working far from home during a Pandemic. However, I’d like to share that I found out two months after moving to Rutland that my 4 times paternal great grandparents are buried in Rutland, VT! This is going to spark quite the exploration!


What advice do you have for a first-time traveler?

Reach out for support as you navigate all the nuisances of travel nursing. Join Facebook groups. But dive in fast and deep in community wherever you land. You never know how long you’ll stay.



Ashleigh Ohara

Ashleigh O'Hara


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