Republic Travel Nurse – December 2019

Kristina King, RN

Congratulations to Republic Travel Nurse, Kristina King!


Kristina is an ER Registered Nurse and our Featured Travel Nurse for December 2019. Kristina is currently on assignment in St Louis, Missouri.

We asked Kristina to share her experience and adventures as a Travel Nurse…


How long have you been traveling?

I have been traveling for 3 years.


What has been your favorite city to work in?

My favorite city to take an assignment in was Grand Forks, North Dakota. They are the friendliest people I have ever met! Strangers go out of their way to get to know you and make you part of their family. Grand Forks is so beautiful in the summer, and if you like snow it’s got a lot of it!


Why did you choose to become a Travel Nurse?

I became a travel nurse because I love to travel. I’m living my dream, doing a job I love, and getting to move all over the country. I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities, and have been able to see and do things that I may not have been able to do without travel nursing. 


What do you love most about being a Travel Nurse?

What I love most about travel nursing is the freedom. If I want to just go on vacation… I can. I also love that I’ve gotten to expand my knowledge in my specialty to better serve my patients.


Describe your most memorable Travel Nursing Experience.

My most memorable experiences in travel nursing are the opportunities I’ve had on my days off to explore. Recently, I was able to book a last minute trip to Las Vegas and got married to my high school sweetheart!


What advice do you have for a first-time traveler?

My advice is, do your research. Don’t just jump in and take the first assignment you are offered. Make sure you know that you can get the kind of housing you need for your situation, and that you will be able to afford your living expenses with the pay that is offered. Also make sure to have some money saved as a cushion. Sometimes contracts get cancelled and you need to be able to have the funds to live.



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