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Republic Travel Nurse – June 2020

by Scott Martindale

Jennifer Maranzano, RN

Congratulations to Republic Travel Nurse, Jennifer Maranzano!


Jennifer is a L&D Registered Nurse and our Featured Travel Nurse for June 2020. Jennifer is currently on assignment in Virginia.

We asked Jennifer to share her experience and adventures as a Travel Nurse…


How long have you been traveling?

I have been traveling for 2 years


What has been your favorite city to work in?

My favorite city to work in was Culpeper, VA.


Why did you choose to become a Travel Nurse?

I love to deliver babies. It’s all I’ve ever known as a nurse. And to have the opportunity to travel to other areas on the East Coast and empower women to create their perfect “birth story” is my why. Plus my recruiter, Sydney, makes traveling so easy!


What do you love most about being a Travel Nurse?

What I love most about travel nursing is that I love to meet new people! (And there’s no mandatory education haha!)


Describe your most memorable Travel Nursing Experience.

I have many, many stories I could tell about advocating for women and their families- but this experience is personal.

I extended at Culpeper Medical Center for as long as possible. A few months after my contract was over, I lost someone incredibly important to me & really suffered with grief. I checked the mail one day and found a card from the entire unit. Their messages rallied me to get out of bed and start living life again. I will never forget the sisterhood I formed while working with those unique women. I believe they truly saved me!


What advice do you have for a first-time traveler?

My advice is just ‘Do It’! Figure out how; and if you’re young with limited strings holding you back- go explore as much as possible!

Learn from others and keep your mind open!

Form relationships and be adaptable- the world is truly a small place!


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