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Website Landing Page UI UX design in Figma


UI/UX Designer
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can create you creative website home page/ landing page in Figma. I take briefs very carefully and come up with something very nice and creative. I always take care of my client’s input and any references.

There are a lot of people who can make your home page design at a cheap price using different templates and themes but I do it a completely different way and use a detailed process so the output comes sleek and beautiful. I don’t use any templates or reuse already builds theme designs.

I keep all the sections well organize and use information management techniques so that when content expands so it doesn’t disturb the design.

What you get:
✔ Figma file (.Fig )
✔ Fonts
✔ Jpg file for preview purposes.



Can you send me sample of your works?
Sure, please message me if you want and I will send you samples of my recent works.
Are graphics and images included?
Yes, I provide graphics including icons, free stock images and my custom made design elements. If you want to use a commercial image, you should buy it first.
Why landing page is so important ?
See landing page is first page visited by your customer. So it means a lot it should decent clean as well as fit with user experience. so landing page design is mean more than whole website.


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