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Carlton J. Cox - Interim Director

Since 1997, I've been dedicated to fostering and maintaining strategic business relationships. Whether it's a colleague or a C-Level client, my commitment is consistent: full attention and genuine understanding to address needs and goals. Inspired by the remarkable individuals I collaborate with, I believe in authentically caring about those I serve and offering solutions that truly benefit them. My passion spans from direct engagements like telemarketing and face-to-face discussions to larger outreach efforts like public speaking and trade fairs. Friends know me as C.J., and I’m always eager to forge meaningful connections in support of community growth.

Lori Minor - Interim

Executive Recruitment & Sales Leader with successful track record in providing exceptional customer service beyond expectations. Highly skilled and specialized in building and developing long-term relationships with C-Level Nursing Executives, Directors, and Senior Management working closely on both the candidate and client side, partnering with Hospital & Healthcare Systems nationwide. My main goal as your Recruitment partner is to learn more about you and your overall career goals. Executive/Interim Leadership is a challenging career, and it takes a very special person to undertake these responsibilities. I promise to honor your work ethic, and love of patients and commitment to your craft.