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Top 10 Apps To Enhance Your Travel Nursing Experience

by Scott Martindale

Travel nursing can be a wonderful adventure, and Republic Health Resources has compiled a list of the top 10 apps travel nurses should utilize to help them have an easy, and exciting, transition to their new city!  Click the icons to open in the iPhone app store, or click the app title to open in the Google Play store for Android (if available).

Yeti by Hyphos Inc
Yeti touts itself as a “Tinder for Places”, due to its user-friendly method of discovering local places. The app uses GPS to determine your location, and then presents you with photos and discussions posted by other local users. A travel nurse can then use the familiar “swipe” technique to swipe right if they are interested in learning more about a given place, event, restaurant, or shop, or to swipe left if they are not interested. The right swipes will be saved and then the travel nurse can get more information on that event or place, as well as converse through the app with the original local poster.

Postagram by Sincerely Inc.
Even with the joy of discovering a new place, travel nurses often have people they’ve left at home and want to keep in touch with. Postagram creates beautiful, physical postcards from your personal photos. When traveling, part of the fun is sharing the beauty and uniqueness of your new area, and friends or family who are missing you will appreciate the personal touch and thoughtfulness of a unique postcard delivered to their mailbox.

Relax Melodies by iLBSoft
Often times a change in your environment can increase stress and disrupt sleep patterns. This is perfectly normal for travel nurses to experience. Relax Melodies allows you to create custom sequences of white noise, relaxing tones, water/winds, piano music, birds, etc. to enhance your sleep or meditation. It also has goal-specific sequences and audio life-coaching for encouragement or guidance when on the road.

Waze by Waze Inc.
A new city means new roads and new traffic patterns. Locals may be familiar with their favorite ways to go, but if you are just figuring out your commute route, the best app to use is Waze. This app uses real-time traffic data to navigate you around traffic jams and areas of congestion on the road and get you to your destination in the quickest time.

Viator Tours and Activities by Viator
For the travel nurse who wants to immerse themselves in the culture of their new city, Viator Tours and Activities is an amazing resource. Viator is owned by TripAdvisor, and it curates VIP experiences, provides exclusive access tours, and offers “Skip the Line” passes to its users. There are over 50,000 tours, tickets, activities, and attractions offered on the app in over 2500 locations. Plus, if you have some surprise time off, or you have a work shift that changes, you can book same-day at no additional charge.

Spotluck by Spotluck Inc.
This app combines two great things for travel nurses – discounts, and restaurant recommendations. The concept is simple, Spotluck curates up to 8 options of local restaurants providing exclusive discounts through their app. These options go on a “Wheel”, which you then spin for a randomized decision on where to eat and which discount you will receive. It’s a fun way to explore local dining options, while receiving exclusive discounts.

Meetup by Meetup
Meetup is an excellent way to connect with others in your travel nursing destination who share your interests. There are thousands of meetup groups, with interests ranging from career-related to music related to athletics related. Whatever your passion is, travel nurses can find local friends through meetup who want to share experiences with you.

7 Minute Workout by Wahoo Fitness
It can be tough to keep up a fitness routine when you travel for work. Travel nurses may find that paying membership fees at new gyms in each new city may be too costly, or that dedicating time to working out may be difficult with their busy schedules. This app provides free, 7 minute workouts which are designed to be done at home. They utilize only your bodyweight, so no need to join a gym or buy equipment. Because they’re only 7 minutes each, they can also be fit into even the busiest of schedules.

Gas Guru by LLC
All travelers know that feeling, filling up your tank only to realize that gas prices were cheaper a mile or two down the road. Travel nurses will notice the wide variations of fuel prices around the country, and it can be difficult to find the best deals if you are unfamiliar with a new area. This app offers great features like being able to filter results based on fuel grade, or view stations and price comparisons on a map.

Eat24 by Yelp
As fun as dining out and discovering new places is when in a new city, travel nurses may find themselves needing an option for after a long shift, or for if they are working odd hours. Eat24 is like a perfect combination of Grubhub and Yelp, providing excellent photos and reviews of local food and restaurants that provide delivery to your door.
These apps can help you find entertainment, dining, navigation, and friends in your new locale. Republic Health Resources makes the happiness and wellness of their travel nurses a priority. Experience is key and we want to ensure that our nurses get the most out of their travels.


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